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New CP86 series cordless torque wrenches
connected with CPLinQ

Quality control anywhere.
Performance anytime.

CP86 Series

This range of innovative battery-powered cordless torque wrenches has been designed to give you what you really need: better mobility and improved precision for working in the field, along with enhanced process and quality control through a dedicated application, CPLinQ.

Precise, compact and easy to handle with a lightweight battery, the CP86 nutrunner combines reliability with new unique features. It is a good alternative to manual torque wrenches, impact wrenches and hydraulic wrenches.

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Designed for ease of use!

Extended use

Thanks to its exclusive CP battery, long-lasting and compact

High performance

Due to its extreme high torque and high precision to answer any bolting market needs

Safety first

Enabled by an automatic release reaction arm and second start button

Dedicated App

Connected with CPLinQ to secure your process quality with data collection and counting sequence set-up

An innovative battery nutrunner

A long-lasting battery!

Chicago Pneumatic’s long-lasting and compact 36 V / 2.5 Ah battery allows for extended use. The high cycle rate of more than 700 cycles** per charge is almost 50% higher compared to other tools in its class, enabling operators to get more use from each charge to optimize productivity.

** For the CP8603 version

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Tested and approved

With the CP8613CQ, I am sure that my team is operating safely.
It is a perfect solution for mobility and process control, which are now mandatory for our new process and traceability requirements. It is the tool’s safety features, that make it the right choice for our Refining Plant. The second start button and the locking system are crucial for operator safety.
Safety and Quality Manager at an Oil & Gas operating company
Now I am able to make sure that my teams are following the application requirements for specific operations.
The CP86, connected to CPLinQ, helps me secure the operator’s job by using the P-Set library with a counting sequence, allowing me to eliminate the need for any rework on the job. In our market, productivity is important, so speed is key!
Production manager at a global mining company
In our industry, mobility is vital, especially when working in the upper tower and nacelle. As wind farms grow in size, together with the number of bolts per tower, tool durability and quality control become essential. I use the connected version of the CP86 to secure and report my jobs on the go for improved customer satisfaction.
Maintenance manager, Renewable company
Effortless compared to my previous impact torque wrench, remarkably lightweight!
I also really appreciate the simple torque adjustment, the ergonomic design and the second start button, which improves safety.
Operator at a global mining company
The CP8609 eBlueTork safety features make it the right choice for wheel applications. The second start button is crucial for operator safety, while torque check function ensures tightening quality and guarantee driver security.”
Safety manager – Delivery truck company
CP8609 eBlueTork

Keep control, guarantee quality

A dedicated application, CPLinQ, to improve process quality in the field:

  • Save time on every operation
  • Decrease errors and rework
  • Get back to service faster
  • Reinforce company quality standards
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